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Hurricane Damage
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Hurricane Damage


Occurring in tropical or subtropical areas, hurricanes are a serious problem that can disrupt normal life to a great extent. Storms, heavy rain, floodings, and even heavy winds can do a lot more damage than we think. Floods, for example, can damage the foundations of residential and commercial properties. They can even sweep into our homes and damage the interior as well.

Strong winds and heavy rains can also cause several types of accidents. From trees falling on buildings and houses to electricity accidents, hurricane damage can be very stressful. Luckily, if you ever come across such horrid experiences, you can turn to our team of experts for help with hurricane damage by calling at 303-376-2535.

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Who do we help?

Hurricane damage does not leave anyone alone. From hospital buildings to one-story houses and sky-rise buildings, hurricanes can do a great extent of damage. Green Restoration offers its hurricane damage services to:

●Commercial buildings and property

●Office buildings

●Residential buildings and homes


●Hospital buildings

Right after the incident has occurred and the storm has cooled down, you must contact us and get help. We don’t expect you to be able to clean up the damage all by yourself after the whole trauma. So, no matter what the damage is, whether it is broken windows or damaged furniture, Green Restoration will be there to help.

Safety precautions you must take!

While you call a team of experts and wait for them to arrive, make sure some safety precautions are taken from your end as well.

●Usually, hurricanes do not end immediately. There are aftershocks most likely to occur. Make sure to remain in a safe area and have things like umbrellas and raincoats with you.

●Stay away from any site that has any potential to cause damage. This means staying away from electric poles or places with electric wires, big trees, billboards, and even tall buildings.

●It is best to avoid stepping in a puddle or a pool of water as there can be electricity in it.

●Don’t bother gathering up damaged goods like your furniture or items on your front porch. Our team will get there and assist you with that.