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Flooded Basement
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Flooded Basement


Basements, undoubtedly, are amongst the most common flood-damaged areas. Flooding can occur anywhere and anytime in your house, especially in the basements, either by broken sprinkler lines or the bursting of any drainage pipeline. It can also pose a significant health risk by creating a fertile environment for harmful bacteria and mold, as well as undermine the foundation of your property.

Green Restoration uses the most advanced basement maintenance and emergency flooding restoration methods to reinstate your basement to its original condition, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your house is in safe and reliable hands. So if you need help with a flooded basement, call us today!

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Steps to Restore Flooded Basement

The restoration steps we follow for a flooded basement include:

Inspection and Fixing

First, we inspect the leakage spot and fix the root cause of the flooded basement completely.

Drain Out Flooded Water

Draining out all the flooded water is the second step. For this, we use high-power advanced pumps and vacuums, but it takes time depending on the amount of water.


The drying process might take 2-3 days or weeks because the basement is a bigger area and usually has restricted ventilation.

Sanitization and Restoration

In the last step, we sanitize and clean the basement with sustainable and eco-friendly products to remove all the chances of possible mold growth.

Why Choose Us?

Green Restoration is available 24/7 to help you out. For an urgent situation, our professionally trained staff is available around the clock. All you have to do is dial 303-376-2535 to schedule an appointment for help with a flooded basement.

Your home’s basement is the foundation of your property, and it must be protected from all types of risk. Water flooding in the basement may cause significant root damage to your house. Thus, it’s best to entrust the job to us, which will not only keep the property foundation secure but also protect the environment.