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Emergency Water Removal


One of the most serious interior serious complications is water damage. Water may become a source of permanent property damage and can cause other complications such as mold or mildew damage. Hence, in this devastating situation, emergency intervention is essential. This disastrous condition necessitates professional assistance because water removal and full restoration is a difficult task.

Green Restoration is well-known for its cutting-edge, sustainable restoration methods. We use advanced technologies to easily remove water and utterly recover the property. Furthermore, we use environmentally safe products that would not affect the ecosystem in the future. So, if you need emergency water removal in Applewood, CO, call us today!

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How We Resolve This Situation

Green Restoration is highly-trained to deal with situations like water damage. The steps we follow for emergency water removal are:


First, we inspect the whole area to find out the extent of the damage.

Water removal

After that, we immediately drain out all the water in the area by using advanced power pumps to save the rest of the property. Immediate water removal reduces the drying time.


Drying is necessary to avoid any further seepage or mold growth due to the remaining moisture.


Green restoration uses eco-friendly products for sanitization to make the environment safe.


In this step, we work to make the property secure. The water removal time depends on the amount of water, but our advanced technology makes the task easier.

Why Green Restoration?

Green Restoration is just one call away to take charge of any sort of property damage. The highly trained team is available 24/7 for the emergency, you just have to dial 303-376-2535, and we’ll be there to help you with emergency water removal in Applewood, CO

Water removal seems an easy task, but it is not that easy because it can damage your property’s structure internally and can lead to even bigger and permanent damages. It is best to leave the job to professionals at Green Restoration who can not only make your property safe but also care for the environment while doing so.