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Contents Restoration and Cleaning
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Contents Restoration and Cleaning


Generally, content restoration applies to a variety of items ranging from fabric to furniture that might be damaged in any kind of natural disaster or fire incident. Natural disasters like heavy rains and earthquakes, or fire can cause serious damage to your commercial properties.

The restoration process consists of several steps. First, the structure of the property is secured, then the contents are located, found, and safely moved to a new location. Then proper inventorying is conducted of the items moved off-site. Next, the items are cleaned and deodorized to make sure any sort of water damage or signs of smoke is eliminated. This is also done to prevent unpleasant odor.

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Can your contents be restored after the disaster?

As unbelievable as it may seem, contents at the disastrous location can be saved and restored to their best shape. However, the restoration can be done to a certain extent for specific types of items. These include:

· Fabric and textiles

· Photographs and family heirlooms

· Furniture

· Electronics

· Paper – documents

· Personal belongings – pots, plates, etc.

Our team understands that such items hold not only monetary value but sentimental value as well. So we ensure that any of these items found at the disastrous location are repaired and restored to good shape and returned safely.

What should be your course of action right after the disaster occurs?

When you experience a disaster, you might feel confused and shocked, and unsure of what to do. Post-traumatic stress can be a lot to handle, which is why professional help is a must.

However, there are some vital steps you can take when you face such a situation. Move out of the damaged building safely so that no harm occurs to you or any other people. Then contact us for contents restoration and cleaning. We’ll guide you through the process and take care of everything!