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Chimney and Furnace Puff Back in Holly Hills, CO
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Chimney and Furnace Puff Back in Holly Hills, CO


You can find tons of reasons for your furnace puff back; if a heating system or boiler is not functioning properly, unburned fuel may gather together in its combustion chamber. So, when starting the heating system, the remaining oil can heat up and cause an explosion. This burner backfire is known as puff back, forcing the smoke to exhaust out through the chimney. It is important to get professional maintenance done, which is where Green Restoration can help. For chimney and furnace puff back services in Holly Hills, CO, contact us at 303-376-2535.

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Causes of a puff back

A puff back can happen because of the following reasons:

· A leak in the oil supply pipeline can cause air bubbles when the heating appliance is running. The furnace shuts off, the air expands due to the decrease in pressure, causing additional oil to accumulate and causing a huge puff back.

· A damaged or blocked spray nozzle will unevenly spray the oil inside the chamber, failing to properly ignite it and eventually lead to excessive oil, which results in a puff back.

· Other than maintenance, underlying issues that may go unnoticed are also important. Your chimney might be too short, not allowing enough draft for the heating system.

· In case of a malfunctioning valve of the appliance, it will not stop the oil and allow it to continue leaking in the combustion chamber.

How to prevent puff backs?

Some things you can do to prevent a puff back include:

· You should always be in search of warning signs your heating system shows and solve the problem beforehand. These can be oil leaks, loud startup, noise after shutoff, sooty operation, or strange odors.

· If you notice any warning signs, contact us at 303-376-2535 immediately for help with chimney and furnace puff back in Holly Hills, CO.

· Regular maintenance will only prevent extra soot buildup from blocking ventilation which eventually leads to a puff back. It will keep your heating system in good working condition.