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Basement and Attic Mold
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Basement and attic Mold


Mold’s favorite places to grow are the basement and attic. It only needs two things to grow: mold spores and moisture. And both the attic and the basement have plenty of spores and moisture. Even the smallest mold infestations in your basement or attic can spread fast. To ensure a healthy lifestyle and make sure you are breathing in a safe atmosphere, you need mold remediation. However, given the quick growth and the health hazards related to mold, this is something you can’t take care of your own. So if you suspect basement and attic mold, immediately call Green Restoration at 303-376-2535.

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Causes & risks of basement and attic mold

Breathing in an atmosphere where there is mold is highly dangerous. If gone untreated for a long time, it can cause serious breathing problems. You must treat mold issues with professional help instantly. Mold in the attic is usually caused by a leaking issue. Green Restoration’s professional team will come in and help look at roof leaks and assess the ventilation situation of your house.

Basement mold is usually caused by a multifunctioning HVAC system, which may cause access to moisture and humidity. Our expert team will come in to assess indoor air quality, contamination, and property damage and will help you get rid of the mold efficiently and thoroughly.

Why choose us

We rely on environment-friendly products and materials, and our team is professionally trained to look after such situations. To avoid the recurrence of mold, our team will also share some tips and tricks and preventive measures.

At Green Restoration, we prioritize the comfort of our clients. For this reason, we are in touch with all major insurance providers in the area, and we bill them directly so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting finances fixed.

So, if you’re looking for basement and attic mold removal, you can call Green Restoration at 303-376-2535 and get a free quote.