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Our Story
Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Company That Home Owners, Commercial Businesses, Central and Local Administration Choose.

Welcome To Green Restoration​

The Green Restoration team has the expertise, experience and abilities to successfully complete the most demanding tasks and, most importantly, we do this in an environmentally sustainable manner!

Services that are locally owned and run, eco-friendly, whether you require repair of damage to water or disasters, reconstruction of damage to hurricanes or flooding, remediation of molds, restoration of smoke or fire damage, repair of roof leakage or enhancement of air quality services.

By easily cleaning and restoring your estate to its original condition, you deserve to partner with a firm who takes immediate action to mitigate any adverse impacts on your health or the environment. For property damage repair and cleaning, dial 303-376-2535 to receive accurate, quick and cost-effective solutions.

Should the need occurs, we will assist you with your insurance claims. With a vast experience in the cleaning and renovation business, the Green Restoration team is capable of successfully completing the most demanding tasks and, most significantly, using plant-based, non-toxic and degradable materials and recycled items in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Everything we do is with the environment in mind


We stay ‘green’ and never wavered on our commitment on the very first day we started our business! We take care of you and the environment by using fully electric or hybrid and bio-fuel vehicles and machinery.

Green Restoration uses 100% green energy for electricity, heating and cooling. Our goal is to send a message that we care for you whilst delivering high quality services and competence, and that we care about the community every day.