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Water Heater Leaking


While water heaters rid us of heating water manually, this equipment also puts us in a flooding situation when it leaks. The reason for leakage could be anything, but the consequence is water damage for sure. The leaking water can ruin your furniture, floor-standing décor pieces, carpets, and upholstery. Other dangers of water heater leaking include electrical hazards and mold growth. Given all these dangers, it’s best to contact professionals for a cleanup.

This is where Green Restoration comes in. Call us at 303-376-2535 for water heater leaking in Acres Green, CO and let us handle the cleanup for you!  

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Our Plan of Action

Water heater leaks can be tricky to handle. Plumbers at Green Restoration Denver specialize in leak detection and cleanup. At first, our team analyzes the issue, assesses the damage, and starts the cleanup procedure with mitigation services. With the aim of minimizing loss, we shift the salvageable items to a dry place for a while.

With equipment like commercial-grade vacuums, dehumidifiers, and fans, our cleaning experts remove all the standing water and leftover moisture in no time. While sanitizing the place, we make sure each and every product is EPA-registered and safe for the environment, so there’s no harm to anyone.

Some Helpful Tips to Control the Flood

Once you discover that your water heater is leaking, you have to be quick and try and stop the water flow. For this, first, turn off the valve that supplies water to the appliance.

Next, check if any electric appliance is plugged in around the standing water. If so, avoid switching it off. Instead, shut off the power supply of the affected area and then unplug the electronic equipment safely.

For a water heater leaking in Acres Green, CO, give us a call at 303-376-2535 to get emergency help. Meanwhile, you can reduce the aftermath by mopping the stagnant water using domestic cleaning tools and wait for us to come and address the problem.