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Roof Leaking in Lakeside, CO
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Roof leaking in Lakeside, CO


As much as we hate to see water leaking from our home’s ceiling, it is a very common occurrence. There can be several causes of roof leaking, including:

– Clogged gutter, Corroded flashing, Unsealed valleys, Cracked chimney, Ice buildup, Condensation in the attic

All such factors can lead to damaging roof leaks that can make your house look ugly and also pose a threat to your property’s well-being. There are many problems that may arise from roof leaking. Water intrusion in your walls, mildew and mold buildup and damage to your belongings stored in the attic can all be some results of leaking roofs.

If you are already noticing some signs of roof leaks in your home, it is best to get some help. For help with a roof leaking in Lakeside, CO, call us at 303-376-2535.

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What to do if the roof is leaking

Firstly, it is important to make sure all your valuable items inside the house are protected. Next, make sure that the leaking water does not reach into any electric appliance or power outlet. If it is, immediate disconnection is highly recommended as any delay in this can cause major problems like short circuits and fire hazards!

Next, start to collect the leak since it can damage your flooring as well if not dealt with on time. Leave a bucket under the leaking spot.

Now that you have done all you could to prevent the leak from causing any further mess, it’s time to seek professional help. Call us at 303-376-2535 for a roof leaking in Lakeside, CO, so that we can solve this issue immediately. 

Preventing wood damage

Perhaps the biggest danger that any of the items in a household have from roof leaking is wooden furniture and flooring. The wood can face severe rotting and become home to mildew and mold. If you have wooden furniture at home, it’s best to get this problem resolved immediately.

The team of experts at Green Restoration uses advanced tools and equipment to identify the root cause of the leak, treat the damages caused by it, and make permanent repairs so that you don’t face any issues in the future.